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Meet Jasmine and Johnetta!

The purpose of the information provided below is to briefly introduce you to children for whom our agency is recruiting an adoptive placement.


These entertaining sisters, Jasmine and Johnetta, are ready to thrive in their new forever family! Older sister Jasmine is an attractive, reserved young lady of 16 years. She has bright eyes and a lovely smile.
Jasmine likes hanging out with friends, her MP3 player, and cell
phone. She also has a passion for reading and her favorite subject is history. Jasmine volunteered at the local library this past summer and loved it. She plans to volunteer again this summer.  Jasmine likes high school and benefits from an IEP (Individualized Educational Plan).
She is on medication and works with a counselor.

Johnetta is a lively, affectionate 14 year old with a ready smile. She loves to work with her hands and is very in math. She is inquisitive and
likes to be the center of attention. She can be difficult to keep focused as she is a social butterfly. She loves animals, especially dogs, and is
very nurturing with them. Her personality is warm and open. She easily
attaches to others and is inherently kind. Johnetta is very outgoing and enjoys talking to others. She struggles with transitions and changes in
her routine. Johnetta benefits from an IEP and is in a mainstream classroom for a couple of periods every day. She is on medication, and as well, works with a counselor.

Both girls are healthy and their immunizations are up to date. They are legally free for adoption.

For more detailed information about Jasmine and Johnetta, contact Gail Piva at Bringing Families Together: (314) 731-3969 x344 or

Gail P @BringingFamiliesTogether.com.