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                Bringing Families Together
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BFT offers a number of unique and resorceful programs for both adults and children! Do you want to get involved in the life of a child in the foster care system, become a foster parent, or take educational classes? Take a look at our programs below!

"Self-esteem is the overall judgement of self...a sense of self-respect and self-worth...this is the core of the child's personality and determines the use he makes of his life."


Redirecting Children's Behavior: 

From Toddlers to Teenagers, a Positive Approach

Do you want to become a more positive, effective parent or become better at dealing with children through your work? Learn practical parenting skills that build mutual respect, resolves conflicts and creates effective teamwork at home and at work.

Contact Lisa at Lisae@bringingfamiliestogether.com for more information
Education for licensing Foster Parents


Interested in becoming a foster parent? Sign up for the The 9 week STARS foster parenting licensing class at BFT!








 The Leap (Learn to Explore and Apply Power) program is a weekend of empowerment and sharing and is an incredible opportunity for all types of teenagers!

Take a look at the LEAP Flier!


BFT's Mentor program connects children and youth to positive and lasting relationships. Ever thought of becoming a mentor and changing the life of a child?

Contact Emily at Emilyl@bringingfamiliestogether.com

Take a look at the Flier!