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Learn to Explore and Apply Power

In the LEAP course, which is designed for ages 12-21, we create opportunities for teens to look within themselves and discover hidden dreams and competencies they never knew existed.  We begin with some activities that will build team and increase trust among the participants.  After that, we start to work on learning to discard the definitions we’ve been given, and to create our own mission statements, which the kids will use as roadmaps for the rest of the course and, hopefully, for the rest of their lives.  Much of the weekend is focused on exploring and defining different ways of expressing and experiencing power.  Next, we take a look at differences in perspective and communication styles, teaching the participants that disagreement doesn’t have to be personal, and that win/win solutions are always possible.  With that in mind, we follow up with some exercises and activities focused on conflict resolution.  Finally, we give the kids some tools to keep themselves encouraged, because it’s easy to forget how powerful we are, when faced with adverse circumstances and challenges. 


Why the focus on power?  It’s our belief that many of the struggles we all have in life are the result of underestimating the amount of power we each hold over our lives and our world.  This is especially true for youth in foster care, who have had so many experiences which make it easy to feel powerless.  Imagine how much easier the experience of foster care could be from the perspective of knowing you held the ultimate control over your life’s journey, no matter what was happening around you! 


Teens LEAP is a copyrighted curriculum presented by a COA accredited agency, on site at Bringing Families Together, 7151 N. Lindbergh, Hazelwood, MO 63042.  It begins at 10:00 Saturday morning – breaks for the evening at 8:00 pm – starts again 10:00 Sunday morning – concluding with a graduation at 4:00 pm. 


The cost for the program is $150.00 per “player” (free for BFT kids!).  This includes all meals, snacks and course materials, including posters, folders and handouts, as well as t-shirts, books and certificates for each graduate.


“Coaching” opportunities available for qualified adults.  For more information, scheduling, or to inquire about holding a course on site at your own agency, contact Lisa Ezeamii, at Bringing Families Together, 314-731-3969, ext. 318